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February 1, 2010 submitted by Secretary, Stephanie Burke
                The monthly meeting of the Stanton Chamber of Commerce was held on Monday, February 1, 2010, at Susie’s Kitchen.  The meeting was called to order by President Zeb McFarland.
Special Guests:  Pete and Tina Marshall of Overtime, and Great Western Bank President Bruce Thompson
Guest Speaker:  None
Treasurer’s Report
A McDonald:  $4,577 and invoice dues sent
J. Ashley:  Briefed the Board on various items.  Carla Rydberg retired.  Snow make-up days are February 15, March 19th.  Last day of school as of now is June 3.  Discussed integration of 6th grade into Junior High, which will lead into financial savings.  Looking at staff salary freezes next year because of $96,000 mandatory budget cut.  Thank you to the Legion for donating a flag pole and new flags to the school. 
K Requist:  Requist indicated that there was nothing to report
Industrial Foundation
D Burke:  No report given
Care Center
D Achenbach:  There was an open house for new administrator Dick Achenbach in January.  Stop by and welcome him to town if you’d haven’t had the chance.
Z McFarland:  No report given   
Fire Department
Kutzli:  No report given      
Child Resource Center 
Hart:  No report given
D. Rossander:  No report given
A McDonald:  Youth programs are underway introducing new tennis programs.
Halland Village
H Clark: There will be two empty units available at the end of February. Shower project is completed.
Covenant Church
P Warder:  The church had to postpone their annual meeting to February 7 due to illness.
Lutheran Church
E. Kutzli:   No report given.    
Endowment Fund
G. Requist:  No report given.  
Montgomery County Memorial Hospital
D. Jennings:  No report given.   
Stanton Coop
No report given
No report given
Heritage Center
Rossander: Newsletters will be going out in February.  Included in the newsletter will be Homecoming 2010 information and registrations.
Stanton Friends
Introducing a new walking program at the High School.  Continue to work with architects and grant writer.
Other announcements:  There will be a retirement party for Gary Poen planned for February 20 in Des Moines.  Todd Carrick will take is place.
Varfest 2010 Update:  Officers have been planning Varfest for this year.  It is scheduled for Saturday, March 20, 6:30 p.m., at the Mamrelund Lutheran Church.  Our entertainment for the program will be Ragtime/Roaring Twenties with SignatureSound- a Barber Shop Quartet, and Marty Mincer, a Ragtime Pianist.  Shirley’s Home Café will cater again.  Tickets are $15.  We’d like to have a good headcount for the caterer at the March 1 chamber meeting.  If you need any more tickets please let us know.  They are also available at GWB in Stanton. Thank you to FMTC for printing out the tickets and GWB for helping with the decorations. 
Homecoming 2010 Update:  Cheryl Benskin briefed the chamber on the progress of the Homecoming 2010.  Registrations have been sent out in the Heritage Center’s newsletter.  They will also be going out in the next Stanton Friends Newsletter as well as emailed to Stanton alumni.  It will be posted on the Stanton’s website as well as Facebook.   Committee is continually working on details.  Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 21 at 7 p.m.
Ragbrai Update:   Mike Burke informed the chamber of funds available from Ragbrai.  After all expenses were paid, the committee has $1,600 profit.  The Ragbrai Committee agreed to put the funds towards Main Street beautification.  A portion of the funds went to the purchase of a new large flag in conjunction with the Legion.  Other suggestions were a welcome banner, Christmas lights/décor, bike rack and flowers.  Mike was going to check on some prices and bring back a recommendation at the March’s meeting.  

Catering/Meeting Places

The recommendation from the officers is that we will vote at March’s meeting and resolve this issue and focus our energy on positive community activities and support.
1.      Have all meetings at Susie’s.
2.      Have each chamber member that is interested in catering be in the rotation once a year and the remaining meetings to be held at Susie’s.
3.      Dessert and Coffee, no meals.
Next meeting will be Monday, March 1, 2010 at Susie’s Kitchen