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March 1, 2010 submitted by Secretary, Stephanie Burke
                The monthly meeting of the Stanton Chamber of Commerce was held on Monday, March 1, 2010, at Susie’s Kitchen.  The meeting was called to order by President Zeb McFarland.
Special Guests: 
Treasurer’s Report
A McDonald:  $5,877.29 and invoice dues sent
Mark Lindgren:  Mrs. Jane Hanson is retiring.  Last day of school as of now June 3.  6th grade will be integrating with Junior High which will lead into financial savings.  Last board meeting, there were 6 open enrolled students. New lights to be installed in the gymnasium. 
K Requist:  reported regular city maintenance. 
Industrial Foundation
D Burke:  No report given
Care Center
D Achenbach:  No report given
Z McFarland:  No report given    
Fire Department
Kutzli:  Annual Pancake supper on April 18, 2010.       
Child Resource Center 
Hart:  No report given
D. Rossander:  Rossander updated the Chamber on 4H/Legion Sharp Shooters and requested a donation from the Chamber to help the costs of t-shirts for the kids.  Overtime Bar indicated that they would like to donate $12.00 per shirt for the kids that are living in the Stanton Community.  Mike Burke made a motion that the chamber would match their donation.  Ashley McDonald second, and all in favor.  Total donation to the program was $480.00 between the Chamber and Overtime.  Biscuits and Gravy supper on March 21st. 
A McDonald:  Updated Chamber on various programs, including swim lessons, tennis lessons, PS-PE Class, fitness classes and upcoming summer programs.
Halland Village
H Clark: No report given.
Covenant Church
P Warder:  Shared Palm Sunday, Lent and Easter services/plans. 
Lutheran Church
E. Kutzli:   Shared Palm Sunday, Lent and Easter services/plans.  Updated on doors and also concrete work at the church.      
Endowment Fund
G. Requist:  No report given.   
Montgomery County Memorial Hospital
D. Jennings:  No report given.    
Stanton Coop
No report given
No report given
Heritage Center
Rossander: Marlene Kennon will be new president starting April 1. Gift shop is being restocked.  Hours of operation is Wednesday thru Saturday 1:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Stanton Friends
Introducing a new walking program at the High School.  Continue to work with architects and grant writer.  Can visit for the latest news and updates.
Cards and Thank Yous
Amy Sallach thanked the Chamber for their support of her grand re-opening of her shop, plant and cake. 
Varfest 2010 Update:  Officers updated the Chamber on progress of Varfest.   
Homecoming 2010 Update:  Brian Hopf briefed the chamber on the progress of the Homecoming 2010.  Registrations have been sent out in the Heritage Center’s newsletter.  They will also be going out in the next Stanton Friends Newsletter as well as emailed to Stanton alumni.  It will be posted on the Stanton’s website as well as Facebook.   Committee is continually working on details. 
Ragbrai Update:   Mike Burke informed the chamber of funds available from Ragbrai.  After all expenses were paid, the committee has $1,600 profit.  2 flags will be purchased as well as funds designated for Main Street beautification, such as flower pots, flowers, etc.  
Catering/Meeting Location:  Members voted and approved to have all chamber meetings to be held in Stanton with Stanton Chamber Members.  Current businesses:  3 at Susie’s, 3 at Lake, and 3 at Overtime. 
Optimist Club:  Brian Hopf updated the chamber on the new flag program that the club is going to offer.  Residents can pay $30 a year to have a flag put in their yard for appropriate holidays/recognition.
Next Chamber meeting will be at Overtime Bar and Grill on Monday, May 3, 2010.