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May 3, 2010 submitted by Secretary, Stephanie Burke
                The monthly meeting of the Stanton Chamber of Commerce was held on Monday, May 3, 2010, at Overtime Bar and Grill.  The meeting was called to order by President Zeb McFarland.
Special Guests:  John Wenstrand – joined the Chamber.
Treasurer’s Report
A McDonald:  $6,015.73
Mark Lindgren:  Proposed budget of $3,700,598 at tax levy rate of 13.82417 per $1,000 valuation has been approved.  Karen Mead retired.  There were 25 students in the 2010 graduating class. Expecting 23 Kindergarten students for 2010/2011.  Continue to discuss the sharing of the Stanton Band teacher with Villisca. 
K Requist:  Reported regular city maintenance. Bids are out for water project.    
Industrial Foundation
D Burke:  No report given
Care Center
D Achenbach:  No report given
Z McFarland:  No report given    
Fire Department
Kutzli:  Updated the Chamber on the FEMA grant of $180,000.  The City will match funds of $9,000.  Will purchase a tanker truck with the funds. The new flag and flag pole was donated by Wistrom Family. There will be State training certification on July 1, 2010. Will also be doing a pancake breakfast for Homecoming.        
Child Resource Center 
Hart:  Plans are underway for a storm shelter. Estimated cost is $20,000.  Raised over $2,000 – carnival.
D. Rossander:  Rossander thanked Pete and Tina and the Chamber for their contribution to the 4H/Legion Sharp Shooters. It didn’t cost anything for the kids to participate.  Also shared a thank you letter from Truka’s for program.  Memorial Day service will be at 10 a.m.
A McDonald:  Updated Chamber on various programs, including swim lessons, soccer, BS/SB camps and programs.
Halland Village
T Allen: Kindergarteners went to Halland Village and interviewed the residents.  6 a.c. units are in.
Covenant Church
P Warder:  Shared information about an upcoming event to be held in June- a musical called “Let Freedom Sing”. Group is from the Omaha area. Plans to have program held at Red Oak High School.  Vacation Bible School is being planned for June.    
Lutheran Church
E. Kutzli:   Updated on doors and also concrete work at the church. Vacation Bible School is being planned and June 13 Worship Services will be at Viking Lake.      
Endowment Fund
G. Requist:  No report given.   
Montgomery County Memorial Hospital
D. Jennings:  No report given.    
Stanton Coop
No report given
No report given
Heritage Center
Rossander: Marlene Kennon is trying to get volunteers so the Center can stay open more.  Midsommars Dag is scheduled for June 20, 2010. 
Stanton Friends
Can visit for the latest news and updates.
Cards and Thank Yous
Varfest 2010 Feedback/Update:  Sold 105 tickets.  The program made $154 profit.  All good comments. 
Homecoming 2010 Update:  Updated Chamber on Homecoming activities being planned.  Kirk Requist made a motion to donate $150.00 from special account and $150 from general funds to match and donate to the Homecoming committee to use.  Second by Mike Burke, all in favor. Motion passed.
Next Chamber meeting will be at Overtime Bar and Grill on Monday, August 30, 2010.