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terry lee kammerer
San Antonio
Was sorry to see that the music concert was mot on line to see. I try to keep up on all the things that my grandkids are doing in school, I only have one left in stanton school and yhat is Noah Kammerer, I always loved the town and all the people were friendly. Terry Kammerer
Alon Dickson
I retired last July and the only thing on my bucket list was to visit Stanton, IA., the community I viewed from a train years ago and seeing the 2 water towers from the train drew me to it.  I was not disappointed as I drove around town for two days.  For some reason I felt a certain connection with it.Maybe it's because my grandfather (Emil Gustaf Larson) could have ended up there as easily as he could have in Indiana.I was saddened to hear that the coffee pot water tower was coming down. But I later was told by a person I worked with who's father who was from there, (What are the chances of that? Her uncle still lives there.  I think the name is Palmquist.) that the tower was going to the museum.  I was happy to hear that.  I was disappointed that the museum had closed for the season the day before.  Thankfully some nice people who were setting up for a 50th anniversary celebration let me look around while they were setting up.  I think their name was Spencer or Spicer.  Tonight I thought of Stanton due to Griswold being in the news regarding the flooding.  I was concerned whether you were OK but then I believe you sit up far enough that hopefully the water ran away from town. I wish you all well from a kindred spirit in Indiana.
P.S.  I also enjoyed seeing the books being moved to the new library via the human chain on the news.  But I was saddened to hear of the French lady who jumped from the train just a few days after I left.  I guess I still have a warm place in my heart for Stanton.
Gerry Olsen
My dad was Lou Olsen who coached baseball and football at Stanton in the 1940's. He married Maxine Lundgren and eventually moved to Albert Lea, Mn. My sister and I had so many cousins and closed friends we spent most of our summers in Stanton. What great memories from that time. I played baseball with the legion team for a few years and had so many good friends. My cousin Bob Wallin  I still visit in San Clemente, Ca.
Wendy (Newman) Confer
My sister and I have been on the Santa Lucia committee that invites the former queens to the Festival.  It has become harder and harder to reach these special guests.  I would love to make connections with as many of you as I can. Please update me with your email or friend me on facebook.  This years Santa Lucia Festival will be Saturday December 14th 2013 starting at 7:00 pm.  Hoping to see EVERYONE there.  This is a great tradition that has been in our community for over 50 years.   If you haven't been to one in a while join us.
Brandon Sullivan
Brooklyn Park
Hello. I am researching your town a little bit. A colleague of mine was born and raised there and I wanted to know more about it. It is very quaint and cozy!
Bob and Sara Thompson
San Diego
I have a new email address so am writing again. I graduated Stanton High School in 1949. Stanton will always be in my heart, and the memories there are always with me and I still share with classmates that I am in contact with. Anyone that reads this and knew me, please feel free to send an email. I will return again to the town I grew up in. Great memories of a wonderful life in a truly great city.
Ron Johnson
santa Ana
ca USA
My grandparents and dad grew up in stanton, Iowa. Mr. Mrs. Johnson. My dad Norman Johnson lived their until after high school then when into the Army. I loved going to viking lake when the wood float was there to swim too. My friends owner the general store and I would help around the store. The meat market was down town, and the best malts anywhere where are on the main street of town. I played on the baseball team when I went on vacation to see my grandma. I still remember riding my bike around town, kids were all over at the time. Still great friends with Pat S. Greg S. Pier, todd, and the family. I love stanton Iowa. Best memories. Great town. Ron Johnson
Jan Peterson
My dad, Cliff Stein, graduated from Stanton in 1941. His siblings were Henry, Milly and Iris and his parents were Fritz and Macie Stein.  I would enjoy hearing from anyone who might have known my family at this time.  Working with genealogy has proven to be very interesting especially the stories that bring to life all involved.  Thanks!
MaryAnn Thornton
Great grandparents Carl Magnus and Charlotte M. (Gladde) Clausen immigrated to Stanton in 1800's. One of their daughters: Anna Mathilda Clausen, my maternal grandmother
moved to St. Joseph, MO. after marrying Herman Frederick Arbs. No one has been back since she left. Great Grandparents and Great Uncle Gustav are buried in Mamrelund cemetery.
Plan on fall trip to Stanton with family photos, family Bible.
Wondering if there are old records at church, cultural center.
Let me know where I should begin.
Theresa Korth
Does someone in your town actually sell the Swedish Coffee pots? I am looking for one for my sister-in-law for a gift.
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